22nd December 2016 Stuart Armour

Conversation with Ruth and Charlie talking about Tea and Toast

Here is a conversation I recorded with Ruth and Charlie from the Elim Church in Crawley west Sussex.  Please find the Cue to set up the interview below with the audio.


Tea and Toast/ Ruth and Charlie Conversation

18/11/2016 Stuart Armour

Tea and Toast is a community group run at the Elim Church, Crawley West Sussex. It’s a non-religious group, who gather together and socialise over a nice cup of tea and a slice of toast.

Ruth and Charlie discuss the important role the group has in the community.

In words: ‘I’ve been coming here…’

Out words: laughter

Dur: 2’48’’

Back anno: Ruth and Charlie talking about the group tea and toast. [you can find out more about tea and toast at elim-church.org.uk/tea-toast]

For more information on tea and toast check out: www.elim-church.org.uk/tea-toast


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