30th May 2017 Stuart Armour

First Year Is Over

The Kiss studios @Bauer media

A work meal with the guys from the Mobile Company

Let me take you back to May 2015 I was working for a mobile phone company, I love working there. I had only started in May but the people I worked with and the job were great. Then all of a sudden I was gone, I had never lost my job before. I remember going home not upset but in shock, with questions in my mind such as; What next? am I going to be okay? how am I going to pay the bills?

My parents were supportive and gave me advice on the immediate action, which was to sign on. Once this was done I got to work and planned my next move, but what do I do? I have jumped from job to job unhappily after so many years in each role all I wanted was a job where I am happy and to make a career out of it. Bryony said to me do what makes you happy, get into radio. I questioned her, well how do I do this? I have no contacts only experience and passion. This is when Bryony suggested University. I laughed at her I’m 27 I can’t go to university “I’m too old”. Bryony convinced me to look into it. So I did, I applied and fast forward to 17th February 2016 I was sitting at the University of Westminster having an interview to study Radio Production and Digital Media. A week later I received an unconditional offer to start in September 2016, which I accepted straight away.

It’s now the end of May 2017 two years after the picture at the top was taken (the one at the meal) and I have completed my first year at University. What a first year I have had, I have passed the year, I have been to SRA training days, Awards and Conference (which I recommend anyone studying radio to get involved with). I have visited Global, BBC, Wireless Group and Bauer Media, I have met some incredible people and have some of the best classmates I could ask for that’s not just in my year or my course for that matter. I am also pleased to announce which I haven’t done anywhere that I am the new Head of Production for Smoke Radio, this is a role I’m excited to start and help with the great success the previous committees have done before us.

Me with Steve McNeil at ComicCon

So to conclude this post I will say this If you have a dream follow it. If you think you can’t you will fail, don’t think you can’t and think you can because with a little bit of research and passion as well as support you can achieve anything you want.



Some of my fellow classmates and myself at the SRA Awards

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