27th February 2018 Stuart Armour

Is it Worth Nine Grand?

Today was an interesting day. I was reflecting on my one and a half years so far at the University of Westminster and I was thinking to myself is it really worth nine thousand a year on the tuition fees. When I started my path to uni I definitely thought it wasn’t worth the money, however, I knew I wanted to work in radio but I didn’t have the confidence to apply for a job in the industry as I wanted one goal to be a radio presenter.  This goal is still the case.

As I am halfway through the second semester of my second year, I look and think that uni is still not worth nine thousand a year but the experience I have gained is valuable. I have confidence in editing, creating content and producing shows as well as brushing up on my presenting skills. I joined the university radio station committee, this has been a great experience and have worked with some of the greatest new talents that are coming through.

Holly and myslef at Talk Radio

Outside of Uni, I now work for the wireless group as a tech op and although it’s a job, I see it as fun getting to create radio with great people. I have Holly and Hayley to thank for this as well as Jon Holmes, Con, Cass and Lauren. As these people gave me the opportunity for work experience then later on James and Lauren who gave me the opportunity for paid work.

A great story from the second year. I became a friend of arriving new students (Fans for short), looking after the new TV production students and helping them settle into uni life. I stayed up in Harrow close to Uni for the week with  Stephen Small. A friendship which has only blossomed and on the 24th of October I appeared on Stephen Smalls – Small talk on Smoke Radio. As part of a radio feature called ‘Europes Best Car Parks,’ Stephen roped me into going to Billund, Denmark to review a car park. Below is the show that we created. On the 21st November 2017, I did the craziest thing ever with Stephen and Paty. I travelled hungover/drunk to Billund after a night at Monday Madness (a student union night at the uni bar). Leaving straight from the night out to the bus to the airport to catch a 7 AM flight to Billund. To add to this I thought it would be a fun idea to do the show live from Billund. So we did a two-hour live show from Denmark reviewed a car park and toured the brand new Lego House which had just opened in September, I recommend anyone to visit this place we had fun. You can also listen back the two hours below.

HOUR ONE – Live from BillundHOUR TWO – Live from BillundAfter Billund, it all went a little quiet, until last Tuesday. I was in the queue at McDonalds – Waterloo Station when my phone rings, on the screen it reads Stephen Small Calling. So I answer it, Stephen asks what I am doing the following Tuesday. I said nothing. Do I want to be in his sitcom for his third-year uni project? I thought why not, so today I did just that. It was a great fun and a great experience.

To conclude this post about if University is worth the money. Teaching-wise I’ve learnt new skills and I am enjoying the course, however, I do feel nine thousand is a tad expensive but the experiences I’ve had at uni are priceless. I would recommend it if you have a passion for something and don’t know where to start go to University, brush up on some skills meet like-minded people, network, be creative and HAVE FUN.





From left to right; Stuart, Me, Stephen, Paty & Trine


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